Starting Off a Lazy Sunday with a Trek to Promontory Point

I was up early running errands, picking up some breakfast pastries and coffee. When I got home, I expected to go in and watch some TV with Liz over breakfast.

To my surprise, I found her sitting on the front steps. And from there, we immediately turned around and got back into the car. We drove a ways towards the lake, parking next to Promontory point. And began looking for a spot to have our Sunday breakfast.

Walking in, scoping out a spot. This was around 10:00 AM or so, and already a good number of joggers, bikers, walkers, and people milling about. There were also several fire pit areas that seemed ideal for group gatherings, which sounds like a nice thing to try out some day with friends.

Get here early enough, camp out, and just waste the day by the water.

We found a spot with a view of MSI. Or, as I like to call it, that really awesome apartment I almost but didn’t quite get to live in.

In the distance, Liz thought it was the South Shore Cultural Center (a place we visited, as a possible wedding venue). She was sorta close, as I think it’s slightly further in the distance. But between us and there was the 63rd Street Beach – a spot we last visited in 2014.

A few folks arrived before us, and set up camp near the water. A few folks were also swimming around.

We sat here a while, eating our breakfast and sipping coffee. Liz had even brought some books for us, in case we decided to just hang out and read.

After a bit, the ants near us were getting a bit more active… so we decided to ramble on down the path.

Rounding Promontory Point, looking North towards downtown Chicago.

We found a bench, and plopped here for a good while. The breeze on this side of the point was fantastic, and we saw a larger number of people/families setting up camp here. More folks sunbathing and swimming (possibly due to the water access being a little less harsh, and protected a bit more from waves).

The bench we were sitting on.

We kinda missed this sign. But it explains why the bench was so “sticky” when we were moving around. On the plus side, the paint didn’t rub off on our clothes at all… it was just at a stage where it was dry enough for sitting, but still wet enough to just be sticky without causing any damage.

The rest of today was an incredibly lazy Sunday. I think we settled back in to bed, watched some TV, and napped off and on. Given the last few weeks, today was an amazingly slow and most welcome respite from the constant activities and motion of the 2-3 weeks prior.

Liz planned for us the most laziest of Sundays. And it all started with a trip to Promontory Point. What a lovely, slow, slow day.

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