Anyone Recognize This Tiny Bug?

Liz says she’s seen this very (very) small bug in a few rooms of our house. And on all floors – upstairs, first floor, and even basement.

As she was describing the bug, wanting me to try to research it online, she spotted one on our bedroom wall. And so I was able to grab a quick photo.

I’ve not encountered these guys yet, but Liz is concerned – wanting to know if they’re something bad, like a termite.

This thing isn’t a termite, but beyond that… I’ve been unable to ID him. Tried searching a few places online, but have had no luck. It seems like a common enough bug, but I have no clue what this guy might be.

Here’s a slightly closer photo. Again, he is very, very small. Not sure if he’ll remain that small, but the ones so far seen have been pretty tiny.

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Can You Identify This Bug?

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  1. This website is super sketchy but the fourth photo looks a little like your bug. If you google springtails though, there are a whole lot of bugs that look nothing like yours… but it may be a jumping off point. Have fun with your research!

    Miki Reply

    • That looks like it! I wasn’t expecting any answers to this here, and was delighted to find your link (and yes, that site is quite sketchy). Guessing it’s the “elongated springtail” that we’ve got.

      Happy to see it seems benign, and more of a nuisance than anything. Thanks again for the help!

      avoision Reply

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