Dining Room Demo

After work, Liz and I had a small house night. While I was working upstairs clearing out the bathroom closet, she was downstairs doing demo in the dining room.

There was some discussion this weekend about what to do with the space above the dining room fireplace. Because of a plan to add in a laundry chute from the second floor down to the basement, the current setup couldn’t remain (the space needed for the chute would eat into the area on the right of the arch).

We made a plan for reshaping the space above the mantle, but for now… we’re just going to drywall over it completely. It’s going to be a separate project that we decided to tackle at a later time.

So taking out the lathe was what we had on the docket.

Liz, tackling a dirty job.

Lathe removed, and things looking a bit cleaner.

Touching Up the Dining Room Wall
Work Work and Home Work
Cabinet Demo

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