Cocktails at Heritage Prairie Farm

Today, Liz and I headed out to Elburn, Illinois, to attend a fun cocktail party at Heritage Prairie Farm with Michelle and Mike.

We showed up right at 6:00 PM, and though it was hot out… the day was already starting to cool off a bit.

On arriving, we wandered around a little bit – checking out the different buildings.

There was a main tent area where they had drinks, music, and a lot of raffle prizes. The interesting thing about the setup was that this was not the only place to get drinks. There were actually several different stations spread out across various locations and buildings, each one offering up a different cocktail.

One of my favorite rooms (though it was honestly a bit too warm to really stay inside here).

A bit on the outskirts of the property. We ended up snagging the picnic table in the middle of the photo, and camped out here for most of the evening. It was a bit removed from the crowd, and definitely more quiet/private.

Another view of the area.

Liz, with her first cocktail of the evening.

Mike and Michelle.

There were lots of various couches and chairs set up, in a lot of different spots. Whoever planned this had an eye towards social media photos.

Near our picnic table was a small fenced-in area, housing two goats. We were able to tempt one of the guys over with a bit of grass… but he then just more or less plopped by the fence, and ignored us.

Goat at dusk.

The farm setting was really lovely, as the sun was setting.

A view from our table.

In addition to the dessert that was served, they also had a Good Humor truck dispensing free ice cream. Which was pretty awesome.

Tonight was a lovely night out. I’ll say that there were a few drawbacks. Some of the other patrons got a little obnoxious, as the night wore on, due to alcohol. And a few were just plain old obnoxious.

Also, the event was billed as more of a cocktail event, with a steady stream of appetizers. The “main course” wasn’t really dinner, but more of a slow boil (crab and lobster and sausage and veggies). It was served in the same style as the appetizers, and mostly set in a few different spots.

In hindsight, we should have grabbed more appetizers (but we tried to hold off, saving room for “dinner”). But by the time the main course came out (which again, wasn’t technically a dinner course), it turned into a kind of “every person for themselves” vibe. Which extended a bit to when the dessert came out.

That said, we still had a lovely time – due to both the environment and the company. Some very tasty cocktails, and it’s hard to be free ice cream from an actual, honest to goodness ice cream truck.

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