Weekend in Whitehall, Day 2

I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos this weekend. I was planning, originally, to start that sentence with “sadly” but I’m wondering now if this was a bad thing. I ended up enjoying the moment more, and wasn’t as focused on trying to document the moment.

Selfie with Sandy.

We had a fairly relaxed morning (though I did wake up early and got a bit of work done shhhhh). Isabelle had an early start (there was a regatta this weekend, and she was hoping to go volunteer to help crew for someone else’s boat). My understanding is that sometimes, boats need additional folks for ballast – but in addition to that, Isabelle’s been learning more about sailing. And this was another opportunity for her to learn and observe.

While she was off, Liz, Jackson and I decided to get in the water a bit. Liz and I each got a kayak, and Jackson got the paddle board. And we headed off on a brief adventure, making our way towards the nearby yacht club.

As we got closer, we saw just how many boats there were for the regatta. And Jackson suggested we head over to a spot where they were launching the sunfish boats. As we neared shore, we realized that Kirt was over there as well (hanging out with Isabelle, who was looking to join a crew).

Kirt helped us get the kayaks and paddle board on land. And then, we hung out a bit watching them launch all the smaller vessels. Kirt jumped in to help, and while I helped with one boat… I kept my distance. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, and felt like I would have gotten in the way.

A small note: prior to us leaving the house, I was going to bring my camera and just put it in a Ziplock bag. Kirt suggested I try his GoPro… which I agreed to. But I ended up leaving both my camera and not getting the GoPro. So for most of this time, I was without a camera/phone.

I’ll say this: I do regret this one moment, not having a phone. Because watching everyone roll out these boats and launch them was a pretty cool thing to see.

From here, we walked over to the yacht club for a brief lunch (I got a beer and a burger). And then we headed back home after that. Kind of a long way to go for a lunch, but still a fun excursion. The way back was a little rougher, and I ended up having to tow Jackson for the last 1/4 leg of the journey.

Back at the lake house, showered and rested, we all lazed around a bit. Isabelle was still off doing her crew thing, Jackson was watching Fornite YouTubers, Liz was doing a project, and I was taking a short nap alongside her.

Anne ended up arriving a bit earlier than expected, and so the four adults ended up going out for dinner at Buzz’s. The four of us got a chance to hang out, sans kids, and just visit and catch up a little.

Back home later in the evening, we hung out in the living room a bit. Liz and I briefly shared the video where we first learned about the Royal Game of Ur. And shortly after that, we broke out the actual game and played with the kids as teams (we had brought a few board games with us for the weekend).

True to form, the game wound up being an exciting one – especially right at the end. I’m delighted to say that the kids seemed really hooked by the game, and wanted to play more.

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