Weekend in Whitehall, Day 3

We had another slow morning (and I also snuck in a little work, early in the AM). Isabelle was off again, looking to help crew for another boat. And the rest of us made plans to head over to the Muskegon Farmers Market… but despite out early wake-up time, ended up getting over there closer to noon.

On arriving, the place was still pretty packed. With lots of vendors spaced out over several corridors.

There was a wide range of things: vegetables and fruits (of course), but also a lot of baked goods. Meats and cheeses. Lots of soaps, and even a few wine and beer options.

We wandered around a while, then decided on grabbing lunch from some of the nearby food trucks. Afterwards, we hit up a local antique shop (The Front Porch) just to browse around.

Spotted this old metronome, and it triggered a wave of nostalgia. It made me think of piano lessons I had as a child (and early violin lessons as well). We had one of these at my house growing up, but we did eventually trade it out for a digital one that ran on batteries. I do wonder, though, if our wind-up one is still at home.

Spotted this little gem in the basement: an old school portable phone circa 1985.

Little detail: rwitten underneath the number pad is this:

Classy Classy
(616) 750-1115

Because Jackson was sitting nearby, looking up some things on Anne’s phone… I decided to have him pose. Old tech vs. new tech.

On our way home, we decided to stop over at the yacht club to see if we could find Isabelle. There, we ended up getting ice cream and just hanging out for a bit. Jackson ordered a double, which is what you see pictured here. I was debating a double, and was really happy I ordered just a single instead.

Back at home, we pulled up to see Isabelle stepping out of the front door. The kids ended up playing with the neighbors’ kids, and Liz decided she wanted to give the paddle board a try.

The paddle board is notoriously tricky, but she was able to navigate around on her knees initially. And then was able to stand totally upright! I found out later her legs were shaking quite a bit, and she had to lock them briefly so that she could relax. And that she was gripping the board with her toes so hard, her feet felt numb for a few minutes, after she returned to land.

Despite this being her first time, Liz got upright and didn’t even fall in. She navigated a few wakes from passing boats like a champ, and now has yet another method of travelling around the lake.

Fast forward a bit, and we’re all hanging out in the yard. Liz has changed and is back on land. And Anne and I decide to play a few rounds of string golf.

Editorial aside: because of this blog, I actually can reference the very first time I encountered and played this game.

While Liz and Kirt were sitting on the chairs, Anne and I were hanging out on the porch swing. We all had drinks, and were just enjoying watching the day settle into dusk.

Dinner was a mixture of hot dogs and burgers, along with some pasta and veggies. We all ate outside, and Liz noticed the smallest frog hanging out alongside us on the railing.

The guy was pretty fearless, and let me get fairly close with my camera.

As Liz looked more, she found a ton of smaller frogs, all hanging out on the hydrangeas that bordered the pond. Apparently, there were too many to count. So while the pond frogs may have disappeared, not all the frogs were gone.

Late in the evening, we broke out “Ticket to Ride” and started a game with Jackson and Isabelle. We had a cutoff time of 10:30PM, but ended up playing just slightly past 11:00PM. With the four of us, we didn’t come close to finishing… so we all agreed to pick up again in the morning.

We hadn’t played this game since our vacation with my family last year, in South Haven. So it was nice to give this another go with some new people.

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