Second Floor Closet Demo

I was working from home (we’ve switched to doing early morning deploys at work, and I was handling our 8:00 AM deploy today). A nice benefit for me was I could quickly change into my work clothes at the end of the day, and get right into demo work.

Well, eventually. After I put up a lot of plastic to prevent the rooms from getting all dusty. But soon after that prep, I was able to remove a lot of studs defining the second floor hallway closet.

Here’s where the work first began. Lots of prep, hauling up tools, plastic, trash can, shop vac. Felt like I spent a lot of time just getting ready to work.

Got a lot of the remaining lathe removed, as well as a few studs defining the closet.

Harder to see in this photo, but this area is more open now. Next steps: shop vac the space between joists, foam any gaps, and insulate. I’ve got a full Saturday ahead of me.

It doesn’t quite look like much, but felt like a lot. Had to walk several pieces from the second floor outside. Gotta cut these things up (yet another task for Saturday).

Wtih the early start to the day, I think I got in the shower around 8:00 PM. Busy times, but as Liz points out to me – I always feel better having done some work on the house.

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