Second Floor Closet Demo, Continued

Continued work today on the second floor closet, getting rid of more lathe and studs. Today, the cleanup work was almost equal to the actual work.

After the demo work, I used the shop vac to clean the joist spaces and foamed up any remaining gaps that hadn’t been accessible previously. Then shop vacced all around the work area, as things had gotten pretty messy.

One downfall with working here is that debris tends to fall down onto the stairs and landing immediately below. Nothing to really do to prevent that.

So there was more cleanup time to clear off the stairs and landing, and also vacuum the carpet downstairs. Not terrible all in all, but with a later start to my day… I didn’t get done until closer to around 7:00 PM.

Looks pretty cool to see this much open space upstairs. But also looks a little weird.

Second Floor Closet Demo

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