Trimming Down the Trim

Liz was working in the basement, cleaning things up, while I was out in the yard mowing the lawn. After I got done, we were planning to do some work up on the second floor. But instead, we began addressing the big stack of trim that we’d collected in the basement.

Doing some separation. Some pieces we opted to throw out, but we ended up keeping a good amount.

Rather than throw things away, we used the grinder to get rid of the nails. Which helped in terms of stacking the pieces up and out of the way in the basement.

Lots and lots of nails.

Liz, cutting up some trim to serve as “example” pieces. We needed these samples to share with various shops, in terms of getting blades to recreate/recut the new trim. The old stuff we decided to hang on to, and use in less public places (like the insides of closets).

Three sets of examples.

The day went longer than we planned, but we got a good amount done. Odd that such a basic task could take so long, but we ended the day with some fancy beer (which we had picked up on our trip to St. Louis). A surprisingly long (yet surprisingly productive) day.

Clearing the Basement, Adding a Wall, Watching the Rain

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