Dinner with Betsy and Michael

After work tonight, we met up with our neighbors Betsy and Michael for dinner. We had made plans a few weeks ago to hang out at Ascione, a restaurant that recently opened in Hyde Park.

Funny thing – our dinner plans were for 6:30PM. But Liz and I were both running late downtown (she had a doc appointment, and I was working late). We were both scrambling to make the train back in time, and instead of meeting at home before dinner… we happened to catch the same Metra train to Hyde Park.

So we walked right from the train station to the restaurant. Not bad, for the timing.

When we sat down, the sun was still out but setting. As we talked over our drinks and meal, the time just kind of flew by. While all of us had crossed paths at different times as neighbors, this was our first time sitting down talking with, and really getting to know one another.

In addition to learning about our backgrounds and families, we also got to tell one another the stories of how we met our partners. A really fun evening, and I think it was past 9:00 PM when we finally got up to walk back home.

One thing I remembered: over the course of our meal outside, at least two other neighbors (that Betsy and Mark knew) stopped over to say hello.

It was nice to feel even more a part of the neighborhood tonight, and all of us remarked on how lucky we felt to be living on our street… next to all these great neighbors.

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