Quite Possibly the Largest Spider Web I’ve Ever Seen

All credit goes to Liz, who spotted this on our way to work. I walked by it, completely oblivious. But when she pointed out to me, I was beside myself.

You can’t really see the web itself here in the photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it. But the actual space it covered was enormous.

The web itself stretched like a large triangle, from the green light pole to the white, plastic pole near the crosswalk. It was like a massive, invisible flag.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say this thing was angling to catch a small child in this thing.

For perspective, here is the spider, sitting pretty in the middle of the web. Again, look to the photo above to get a sense of how much area it spanned.

As we walked away, I was imagining the person who was going to walk through that thing. I doubt they’d see (or anticipate) such a huge spider web. But the feeling of it on their skin as they accidentally walked through… I could just hear the high-pitched scream that would come out of their mouth.

// Edit: As a side note, the web (and spider) were both missing on my walk home.

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