Viva Viva la Vida

I have had this song in my brain a terrific amount, the last two weeks. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know where I first got the tune stuck in my ear.

For an hour or so, I just heard this snippet of a song. And I knew it was by Coldplay, just not which one. I ended up playing their songs randomly on Spotify, and saying “Next” over and over until I found it (took maybe 4 or 5 tries).

I have been playing this thing into the ground. Anytime I was listening to music, it was this song.

The funny thing is, the tune to me is happy and uplifting. And I went a few days before really listening ot the lyrics (and started to understand the references to the French Revolution). This is not a happy song.

It’s a strange disconnect, because of late the only times I tend to listen to music (particularly when working) is if I’m feeling a bit more positive/upbeat. And to have this song (with its lyrics in particular) playing alongside that sensation is odd.

Not sure on the exact bpm, but this seems to fit within the tempo of songs I get fixated on.

I don’t think of myself as a Coldplay fan, but given how much I’ve taken to this song…perhaps I am. I’ve liked a lot of their older stuff, the super popular things that started with “Yellow.” But I haven’t followed much of their stuff.

Ok, and now I’m seeing that the song itself is pretty old (like more than a decade old). Still really baffled as to how this song, very recently and very suddenly, got itself into my brain.

Viva la Vuvuzela!

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