Travel Day to San Diego

Liz and I are heading out to San Diego, to attend my cousin Joanne’s wedding. We flew out on Friday, giving ourselves the full day to travel and get settled before the festivities.

What looked like a small fire that Liz happened to spot from afar.

For my part, I loaded up my iPad with Stranger Things 3, and watched a lot of episodes on the plane by myself. Though technically, Liz was watching too, in a side-eye kind of way.

I think that, without sound (and with me covering some of the scary/gross parts with my hand), she watched a few episodes with me. I tried offering my headphones to her a few times, but for the most part it was silent watching on her part.

I think it’s unfortunate that she’s jumping on board with Season 3, as the first was such a fun experience getting to know all the characters. But I’m glad she’s gotten a small bit of the show.

After landing in San Diego, we found a nearby place for some lunch. Wherever we were at, we were near some serious construction because all these trucks kept coming by, one after the other.

We also watched this massive crane type thing back itself slowly onto an equally massive trailer. It was pretty fascinating.

After lunch, we walked a few blocks down to Architectural Salvage – a shop that Liz spotted when we zoomed by because of “the bunny statues.”

I’m unclear how she spotted this, from the passenger side, as we were zipping by. But somehow, her bunny radar did not fail her.

Walking inside the shop, I rounded a corner and my jaw dropped on seeing this. After all her searching and collecting, I think Liz’s jaw also dropped a little bit.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any matches. Liz was also on the lookout for some hinges, and the owner was helpful in showing all the wares he had.

Reminded of Lady Door of The House Portico, from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

Hey, wait a minute. Those whimsical bottle openers…

look somewhat familiar. Yeah, thanks to this blog I have the ability to remember all sorts of random stuff like this.

I’m still terribly remembering people’s names and faces and birthdays. But four eyed bottle openers? Check.

A fun feature of the stairs leading to the second floor: a lot of custom work added to the railing.

At our hotel, we opted to order delivery (via Grubhub of course). Liz joined me in the lobby for a beer, and before we knew it our pizza had arrived (we were both awed at the speed).

Big travel day, ending in a bit of beer, pizza, and watching Robocop on TV in our room.

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