Joanne and Tomiwa’s Wedding

For breakfast, Liz and I headed to a local place nearby called Grandma’s restaurant.

Definitely a local place. My omelet was pretty good, but according to Liz I dodged a bullet by not ordering the coffee.

Sadly, I was hoping they might have something like vinegar pie on the menu, but no such luck.

Fast forward a bit, and we met up with my cousins Richard, Aileen, and Carolyn in Encinitas. I didn’t end up taking a photo but the five of us had a bit of coffee, then switched over to beers and lunch – chatting and catching up for a good while.

It was a really fun visit and conversation, as we hadn’t seen one another in a really, really long while.

As we were getting dressed for Joanne and Tomiwa’s wedding, I noticed this warning on the ceiling. I love that this requires a warning, and I really want to know the story of why this is even necessary.

The wedding/reception was at a lovely venue called Paradise Falls. I was tempted to bring my camera, fulfilling my role as a Chinese wedding guest… but decided to just bring my phone. I figured I’d let the professional photographers handle the photos.

Instead, I opted to just enjoy the whole event and tried to worry less about documenting things. Though I was taken by the view of all the guests, as I was standing in line to get a drink.

The adult table. L to R it’s my uncle Charles, my dad, my Auntie Garbo, my mom, Auntie Karen, Uncle Danny, and my Uncle Eddie (the father of the bride).

A formal toast, later in the evening.

Uncle Eddy and Joanne, having their dance.

Tomiwa and his mother, having their dance. Joanne explained to me, a few months back, that there would be some traditions to keep an eye out for at the wedding. One of them involved showering the newlyweds with money, as a sign of good luck and fortune – and it was a thing that happened all night, alongside all the dancing.

And there was quite a bit of dancing. As well as a lot of entrances. Like this big one, that involved both families:

Liz spotted this on the table near my parents, very late in the evening. It was the small notecard that my Uncle Eddie had, as part of his speech. Which I have to say was funny and heartfelt, and really moved everyone in attendance.

Congratulations to Joanne and Tomiwa – and thanks for inviting us to celebrate your day with you.

Dinner with Joanne

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