Portland Anniversary, Day 4: Schoolhouse Electric, Multnomah Falls, Dinner at A Cena

Early morning breakfast today at Besaw’s.

A really great interior space, and not too crowded (though it was a Thursday morning).

Breakfast burrito with a single dreamcake and banana bread french toast.

A quick stop over at Schoolhouse Electric.

Driving out to Multnomah Falls.

Parking was crazy. The road that led up to the falls was quickly congested, and we ended up standing still for like 20 minutes. Slowly, cars would pull into the parking lot one by one, waiting for someone to leave.

This was late morning on a Friday. I’d definitely suggest getting here early, to beat the crowds if you can.

I was a bit optimistic about how high I could go up the trail. The steepness of the trail wasn’t too bad, but it was the dropoff that did me in.

A huge slug.

This is about as high up as I could get, before we had to turn back around.

Nearly everyone paused on the bridge to take photos, so crossing this was like running a gauntlet: me trying to pass, everyone else standing still.

After a bit of driving around, we found our way over to Latourell Falls.

We got back to the hotel with just a little bit of time to decompress. Then, we made our way over to a Cena for dinner (technically our anniversary dinner).

The Garganelli alla Norcia (front) was definitely our favorite.

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