Portland Anniversary, Day 5: Old Portland Hardware and Architectural, Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, WillaKenzie Winery, Erath Winery, Dinner at Nick’s Italian Cafe

Breakfast today at Coquine. The pancakes were quite good, and overall just an absolute perfect amount of food.

A lot of stops today for us.

First up: Old Portland Hardware and Architectural. Immediately on walking in, you could tell how cool this place was.

This place was impeccably organized.

Tons of hardware.

Liz, checking out all the things.


Wheels from several Time Recorders. I felt especially cool knowing where these came from and having seen a full one before.

Spotted this at a distance, and thought I recognized the shape.

Nice to know how much this is worth!

Liz, excited that she too also spotted something familiar. In fact, it’s something she found at an estate sale over a year ago.

And yes, she got it for much, much cheaper.

Fast forward next to Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage.

Spotted a lot of trim, leaning against the wall. And couldn’t help but chuckle, since we have something similar going on in our basement.

A peek around the corner, closed off to the public. Just more and more stuff that keeps going.

Along the stairs I spotted a set of books.

This one in particular caught my eye.

Page 1, full size.

Page 2, full size.

Page 3, full size.

Page 4, full size.

Upstairs was amazing.

Occult and Mystical Book Center. Also, a place to buy musical instruments?

Who was Professor N. Colangelo?

I asked one of the staff, and they didn’t have a ton of information. Mostly that he was involved with Rosicrucianism and also liked music?

Would be interesting to find out more about the professor!

A very large clown in perfect condition, and still impossibly creepy despite its age.

Branding was a very different game, back in the day.

Next, we drove a good distance out of the city to check out some wineries. Where, apparently, I failed to take many photos – and focused mostly on sipping Pinot Noir.

Our first stop was WillaKenzie.

Next stop: Erath.

I got most of my recommendations from this Ask MetaFilter post.

An interesting device at Erath, where they would extract wine through the cork and replace what was taken with an inert gas. This way, they could avoid uncorking the bottle.

But, our hostess did tell us that there was some danger of using too much gas. And in that case, the bottle would explode. For me, that added a slight danger to the whole tasting.

From here, we drove over to McMinnville to find some dinner. We were in that odd point in the afternoon where we needed food (we had skipped lunch), but didn’t feel like driving the hour plus back to the city.

We parked and then wandered around, as most places weren’t serving dinner until 5:00 PM. After about 30 minutes meandering around, we stopped in at Nick’s Italian Cafe – which was phenomenal.

Again, I had such a nice time that I forgot photos.

After this we drove back to the hotel, got into some comfy clothes, and watched episodes of “The Good Place” until we got tired. A very long and full day.

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