Avoid Home Depot’s “Pickup In Store”

Home Depot has a Pick Up In Store option where you can order online, have someone at the store grab your items, and everything’s ready for you to just show up and grab. We’ve used this a few times in the past, and it’s worked out – but when it doesn’t work out it really doens’t work out.

Liz placed an order around 2PM, and it mostly had some basic stuff: trash bags, a trash bin, duct tape, and a few window decals (probably the most a-typical item on our list).

We called around 6:30 PM and found that the order hadn’t been pulled yet. So we did some grocery shopping instead. An hour or so later, we swung by Home Depot and learned the order still hadn’t been pulled. And so we waited while someone went to go get our items for us.

Here, I think, was our critical mistake.

After walking around a while and looking at appliances, we returned to find that only some of our items were retreieved. Liz pointed out that the trash bin didn’t have the lid. Several other items (like the duct tape and decals) were not available.

We then had to wait around more, to modify our order. And after that, Liz walked the store and found the missing items on her own.

Granted, we had not received the email letting us know our order was ready to be picked up. And my takeaway here is that the 2-hour window is too optimistic. It apparently needs to be like 6+ hours, just to be safe.

Also: if you show up and the items haven’t been picked yet: do it yourself. We killed a lot of time unnecessarily.

Looking back, I saw that we used this service back in 2015. Which is surprising, given how much of a crapshoot it still seems to be, some four years later.

I’ve had these pickup options work well in the past, but have gotten burned so much (and badly) that I’m very wary still.

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