Living Room Demo Prep, Continued

After work today, Liz and I spent a lot of time prepping the living room for our weekend demo. Not the ideal way to spend a Friday evening, but we’re back in house mode again… and this is what it involves.

Part of the process involved us relocating the fireplace mantel. On pulling it away from the wall, I spotted a little something. And began to wonder if we might be looking at another collection of found items.

The loose mantel.

Mantel removed, and just a few items that fell behind.

Another cutout! More custom work with old photographs.

An incomplete note on the back.

And an old birthday card.

Poems from Frances R. Havergal.

A Birthday wish.

Birthday Lines.

A Remembrance.

A postcard: Mother and Child, by Pablo Picasso. A very old postcard.

An odd bit of paper, with the name Weibel James on it. Looking around online, I’m thinking this name is actually James Weibel?

The nice thing about demo is that you can write on the walls, since they’re going bye bye anyhow.

Although not this piece. We need this to save this piece.

Living Room Demo Prep
Office Demo and a Cache of Lost Items from Behind the Fireplace Mantel

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