Living Room Demo, Part 1

Solo demo day, as Liz had some errands to run in the suburbs. While we got up early, it took me a while before I really got going. There was a lot of prep work involved, that I didn’t get to yesterday.

Before I could take hammer to wall, I had to score the ceiling, take off all the trim in the room, cover up a few vents, and also tape up some plastic to contain all the dust. I started the actual demo closer to noon, I want to say.

It’s been a while, and the whole process slowly started coming back to me.

Found these wires, and wasn’t sure if they were still live. Taped them up and kept on working (my hunch is they’re dead, but better safe than sorry).

Plastic up, and demo work begins.

Good progress on the north wall.

Got around to the windows. Wishing my pace was as bit better, but, resigned to the fact that I likely won’t finish getting all the plaster off in the room. Definitely going to spill into tomorrow.

Not sure why I took this photo.

And here, uh… unfortunately, this is shortly after I fell off the freaking ladder.

I was standing up near the top rung (maybe second from the top). And somehow, my balance tipped the ladder over enough to where I couldn’t recover. So the ladder tipped over and I fell down onto the floor.

My knee was the most immediate thing, and after a quick check I realized nothing was broken (just a sore knee). I was in the kitchen washing and cleaning up a little when Liz got home. And then noticed my elbow was a bit banged up.

I ended up falling just about 5 minutes before she got back home.

Kept working just a little more, to try to get the windows done. Didn’t quite get the plaster on the third window (on the left), but not a bad day’s work all in all.

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