Living Room Demo, Part 2

Liz and I were working together today on the living room demo, and also got another early start.

Working together, it really went so> much faster with two people. Definitely made me realize how slow I got yesterday, as the day wore on.

A realization: one thing I didn’t do yesterday was pock-mark the walls with the demo hammer before I started trying to slide the plaster off. Liz uses the demo hammer directly, whereas I tend to prefer the crowbar. But prepping the wall with a few well-placed holes made the process a lot easier – something I really didn’t do yesterday.

Note for next time I guess, but we’re really running out of rooms that still have any plaster remaining!

After a certain point, I was moving bags of plaster out while Liz worked on removing lathe.

Liz, clearing the way.

Good progress on the lathe.

Getting around to the windows.

Lower lathe removed from the south wall.

Plaster and trim removed from the inside, with the plastic relocated to the outside.

North wall clear!

Unfortunately, we still have lathe remaining in the living room. In our planning, we decided that this will have to say as-is, with our focus next week on doing more plaster demo in the main hallway.

The bunnies are away, staying with Liz Rench – so we’re trying to use this time to get as much dusty work out of the way as possible.

We’re hoping to generate more plaster demo next week, so leaving this room unfinished is a bummer… but necessary. Hopefully we can get back in here soon.

A pretty full bagster bag.

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