Augusta Winery Excursion, Balloons Over Marine

The day after the wedding, several folks got together to head out to Augusta to visit some wineries. Our particular group included: me, Liz, Julie, Bob, Katie, Tim, Uncle Billy and Aunt Jeanette.

First stop, a new spot: Chandler Hill. Liz and I were first to arrive, and found the parking lot near the entrance pretty full up.

The secondary lot was at the bottom of the hill, but they had a pretty zippy shuttle bus that we hopped on right away.

Despite the crowd, we were able to find a table inside. Though after everyone arrived, we spent most of our time at the bar doing tastings.

Liz is less taken with the local Norton grape, and so she decided to try a beer tasting instead. I did the same. They had beers from St. Louis brewer called Perennial, which we discovered we liked.

At the bar, trying out wines and beers.

Driving down several winding and scenic roads, moving to the next winery. Since I was driving, I made very sure to limit my alcohol intake, even with the tastings.

Stopping in at Augusta Winery.

Next up: Mount Pleasant.

Liz seems to have a knack for making the same face, every time we’re here.

Our final stop was Montelle. We did a kind of reverse visit, compared to what we did back in 2016.

Here, we got some pizzas and relaxed a bit before heading back to the city.

On our way back, we got a note that several other family members were going to check out the Balloons over Marine Festival. So we re-routed, found a decent parking spot, and gathered at the edge of the park.

Watching the balloons light up.

After the show, we all decided to regroup near the hotel at a place called EdgeWild. We got a large table for all 14 of us, and had a fun, late dinner chatting and drinking and catching up.

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