Returning Home to More Demo

Sunday morning, Liz and I debated how to spend the day. We talked about possibly heading in to St. Louis to visit a few places, but they all didn’t open until noon.

Ultimately, we decided to head back to Chicago so we could… do more house work, and do more demo. We figured that we’d get home mid-afternoon, leaving us a few hours to get some more work in.

So off we went.

Pit stop at Binny’s in Hyde Park. Despite us not stopping at Perennial in St. Louis, we found that their stuff was available near us. Nice!

Back at it: the pile of lathe grows.

As I was loading up a Bagster outside, Liz continued work in the living room.

We’ve tried all manner of duct tape, but this bin is starting to show its age.

Quitting time, circa 8:00 PM.

The living room. Better (and looking nicely swept up), but still some work to go.

I think it’s fantastic and also crazy that we drove four hours home, and went right back at it again. We really did make good progress tonight, and got an entire Bagster loaded up and ready for pickup – all in the course of an evening.

Not too shabby, considering we were asleep nearly 250 miles away as of this morning. Not too shabby at all.

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