House Day, Talk Night

We had a long day of work ahead of us, and Liz and I tackled the living room early on. As she was getting insulation prepped, I was tearing out a lot of old (dead) wiring.

We actually got down to our very last staples from this pack of 5000!

Insulation and visqueen everywhere.

Interior walls protected with plastic. Not as necessary, but this is prepping for when we’ll (eventually) move Phineas and Daisy in here, while we do work outside of the room.

Nice light.

Masonite along the walls, to provide a border for our upcoming boarders.

Both of us were pretty exhausted and frayed at this point. The lovely light coming in to the room at this hour was a sharp contrast to how I think the both of us felt.

Fast forward to Schuba’s, for 20×2 Chicago. The question of the night: “Is it Possible?”

Andrew, doing his MC thing.

Here’s me talking about a particular moment from back in 2005. I’ll keep this a secret until the video’s available, but maybe some of you might know what this is about.

One of my absolute favorite talks of the night was by Jim Allenspach. He distributed a ton of trihexaflexagons to the audience, and there was much awe and gasping as everyone followed along with his video. I absolutely cannot wait to share that with you all.

While Liz and I were both pretty exhausted, we ended up doing a last-minute detour to Lula’s in Logan Square. While I normally like to just get a bunch of terrible fast food on the way home (I’m always too nervous to eat before performing for 20×2), this was a lovely deviation from the norm.

Despite how late it was, it felt a bit like a date night. Even though both of us were absolutely exhausted. And of course, not having been to Lula’s for dinner in a long while, we both got the Pasta Yia-Yia.

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