Long Demo Day

Another big work day, this time outside. Liz was hanging out with Lisa (who was in town), and unfortunately I had to stay back and tackle some exterior work.

First up – priming some plywood boards. I was doing this while getting myself prepped for some exterior demo, near the back of the house. Every so often I’d stop what I was doing, then come back out here to tend to the boards.

Getting Bob’s hammer drill ready for a workout.

It took me a little bit, to get a good process… but once I got the knack, this demo work went pretty quickly.

Instead of shattering each brick (they’re hollow on the inside), I opted to take them off whole. I used the hammer drill to break off the mortar, and once that was done each piece got pretty loose.

The one tricky thing was the top row. And the fact that there were U-shaped keys, linking some of the bricks together. But I figured out how to dig in with the hammer drill to bust those out, which made removing each brick a lot easier.

We had some markers drawn on the walls, to tell us where to start/stop.

Making good progress.

I’m very glad I didn’t choose to just shatter the bricks. The cleanup would have been horrific.

That said, I accrued quite a pile. Once the Bagster was set up, I carted over 7 of these at a time with the dolly.

Liz, after dusk, helping to put up a long line of Visqueen to protect the newly exposed exterior from moisture.

It took a good while to fill up the Bagster, but with Liz giving some extra help in the early evening… we got it pretty well loaded.

Bagster at Night

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