Driveway Demo

Spent a long day today, working outside on the house. We’re doing some repair work to the foundation, near the kitchen area… and today I needed to bust up the driveway/concrete against that side of the house.

Hello, old friend.

With a lot of the brick facade removed, this is the area that’s up next. Luckily, the existing seams should make for a pretty clean separation without me needing to do much at all.

Locked and loaded.

Fun discovery: there’s a layer of brick underneath the cement. It wasn’t super consistent, but I’d often pull up large chunks of both together. Some bricks remained in tact, others were shattered into a hundred splinters.

Making good progress. Took a little while for me to get back into the using the demo hammer again, but I got into a good rhythm (and was able to start removing larger blocks at a time).

The area, with concrete removed and a lot of the smaller pieces/bricks cleared out.

A surprisingly neat looking debris pile. This is a lot of weight/material, but doesn’t quite seem enough just yet for a full Bagster. Will likely wait and see what the next week brings.

I was out early in the morning getting this guy, and running a few errands. During the day, as I was breaking up the concrete, I was slowly priming and painting another plywood board. After returning the demo hammer in the late afternoon, I finally got around to mowing the lawn (which has been in a state of neglect for well over a month).

Long, long house day. But it was absolutely gorgeous outside, all day long.

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