Julie’s Birthday Day in Chicago

For Julie’s birthday, Liz arranged for a day of various activities in Chicago. Starting around 2:00 PM, we hit up a few different locations in the area for Open House Chicago.

Unfortunately, given the parking situation near these locations… I ended up just double parking and waiting in the car. We were in a lot of high traffic areas, and it just made things easier to have them go check out the buildings while I stayed in the car.

Fast forward to around 4:30 PM, when we all went to Redline VR.

Liz and I had a lot of fun when we tried out VR for my birthday, and decided this would be a fun thing to share with Julie and Bob.

Julie, trying out some deep ocean exploration.

Bob, getting set up to try out Google Earth.

Liz, playing an archery tower defense game.

Julie, trying out Beat Saber (super fun).

Me with guns akimbo, trying out Space Pirate Trainer.

Afterwards, we headed out to Ethiopian Diamond for dinner.

It’s been ages since I’ve been here last. But still, the inside looks the same.

I remember trying Ethiopian food for the first time when I was in grad school. And I’ve had it only a few times while in Chicago. Tonight was the first time Julie and Bob experienced Ethiopian food, and it seemed to go over pretty well for everyone.

As always, I was worried we wouldn’t have enough food and ended up feeling pretty stuffed (with plenty of leftovers).

A lot of different experiences tonight, and a fun mix of old and new.

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