Game Night at the Office

Stayed after work today because Stephen is in town this week, to attend our Hackathon celebration event (more on that later). Timo suggested a game night, and a few of us stayed around for some board games. I had a good time when we did this a few months ago, and felt like a good excuse to hang out post-work.

Timo, Luis, Megan, Stephen and I ended up staying and we played a round of Carcassonne. Megan had to leave a bit before the end, but it ended up being a fairly quick first game all around.

I stuck around a bit to watch the second game (which was Azul). Luckily for me (and everyone else), Liz had a work function of her own… but she was interested in attending our game night. Mostly, I think, because she wanted to beat more people at Azul.

I watched Timo, Stephen, and Luis play… and bowed out a bit after 7:00 PM.

Tonight made me think back to my Emmis Interactive days. I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of teams where everyone enjoys each others’ company, and folks genuinely like hanging out with one another – even after our work responsibilities end.

Nerdery had that same vibe, and it’s nice to experience it again with folks at Grubhub.

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