Dining Room Wall Repair

Today we met up with Bob to place an order for new windows for the living room. It’s a really big deal! It’s an exciting step, and will be a dramtic improvement for this room in our house – both in terms of looks and helping to seal up our leaky home.

Liz and I parted ways, with her heading to Valpo for the traditional Apple Pie Baking Day while I headed back to HP with Bob to work on the exterior living room wall.

A lot of the wood out here was in really bad shape. And today’s work focused on building up a stronger exterior wall (that has deteriorated, over the years).

We’re losing the light earlier and earlier, but decided to keep working… and brought out the flood lights. I mostly helped assist, but a lot of what we did worked out really well. Things fell into place, and while there were some moments of fine-tuning… there wasn’t much.

A much more solid exterior wall. There are two large 4×4 blocks providing support (the previous wood had completely disintegrated/disappeared). The thick plywood exterior came from the boards I painted a few weeks back.

I can’t tell you how drafty and bad the previous wall was. While there’s still more to be fixed up here, the lower half is really solid – and fairly well sealed up. The major beneficiary is the basement here, but every little bit helps.

Apple Pie Day in Valparaiso (2017)
Wall Repair

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