I Am Slowprised

I logged into Hover (disclaimer: referral link) the other day, and was looking over the domains I own.

I’ve gone on a diet the last year or two, and decided against renewing some older domains I kept around. I should probably let a few more expire.

The thing is: as I was scanning the list of domains I own, I saw one that I didn’t remember at all.

slowprise.us? What in the heck was I thikning when I bought that guy?

I sat and thought on this a long, long while. I’m pretty certain I had something great in mind for that domain. And it looks like I purchased it sometime this year – back in July? But for the life of me, I cannot tell you what this domain is for. Pre-ordering birthday cakes for someone, really far in advance? Seriously, no clue at all.

The kicker of it is… I had logged in to Hover so that I could purchase a new (and different) domain name. For this totally awesome idea I have.

And I’m pretty sure it’s more awesome than slowprise.us, because I can’t even remember what in the hell that other one was all about.

I tell ya. If I only had $9.99 for every domain I’ve purchased…

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