So Nice I Did So Nice I Did It Twice

I was waiting around at Millennium Station, and the sound of two automated track announcers caught my ear. I was reminded immediately of Clapping Music, and started to listen for the gradual overlap between the two voices.

Unless you’re familiar with the piece, the video probably just seems like a lot of gibberish. And I guess it is, mostly. But I like trying to listen for the overlap, and like imagining the robotic voices are actually performing for us.

Funny thing – I guess I already had this experience already, a few years ago. And I guess I forgot.

I’m still posting it anyways, as this video shows a bit more of the waiting area. And while I don’t spend a great deal of time here, I walk through it nearly every day. And the space has become a very familiar one.

Two Voices and Two Memories, at Millennium Station
Delays at Millennium Station, and a Well-Placed Advertisement
Walking Past the Man, the Woman, and the Medic

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