The Jungle Prince of Delhi

Happened across a really fascinating article entitled The Jungle Prince of Delhi: this is the official link to the NYT article, but I ended up reading it via this mirror link.

While working in India, journalist Ellen Barry got an opportunity to meet (and eventually befriend) Prince Cyrus of Oudh, a member of a reclusive, royal family that lived in a forest in the middle of Delhi.

There were different versions, depending on whom you spoke to. Some people said the Oudh family had been there since the British had annexed their kingdom, in 1856, and that the forest had grown up around the palace, engulfing it. Some said they were a family of jinns, the supernatural beings of Arabian folklore.

The full story of Prince Cyrus, and of what Barry learned about the royal family, is a sad and fascinating read.

There’s a lot I want to quote here, but I don’t want to spoil the process and journey of the article. Go give it a read, as it’s worth your time.

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