A Long, Indulgent Code Day

Spent most of today working and noodling on a side project. I now have two side projects that are at 60% and 80% completion, but of course this is the perfect time to start a new one.

I’m giving Next.js a whirl, and trying to see if I can crank out this idea in my head.

Honestly, most of day was just setup. Getting ESLint and Prettier up and running took a lot longer than it probably should have. I should probably set up TypeScript but part of me just wants to go go go.

It’s been a long while since I’ve had this much open/free time to just work on a thing, and today was really, really nice. I feel a little motivated again, which isn’t something I’ve had in a long while. So I want to continue this feeling as long as I can.

Would be nice to keep working and make some more progress on this idea.

That is, until I start up the next side project.

I Am Slowprised

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