“The Last of Us” Playthrough (Baker, Hayes, North)

It’s been a long while since I played “The Last of Us”. I remember it being one of those rare games that made you care about the characters (and also something that Liz insisted I only play while she was around, so that she could experience the storyline as it unfolded). Liz isn’t big into games, but she got hooked on the story from the start… and also got pulled into the characters as an observer.

Hard to believe that game is 6 years old. On seeing this MetaFilter post, I found a link to a video playthrough involving some of the cast. It’s hosted by Troy Baker (who plays Joel), and includes Hana Hayes (Sarah), and Nolan North (David).

A thing I learned: voice actors for video games sometimes don’t actually play the games they appear in. For someone prolific like North, I guess this makes sense (I know him best from his voicing of Nathan Drake, from the “Uncharted” series).

Interestingly, I didn’t realize North was also part of the cast in “The Last of Us.” The video below is a recording of North’s playthrough of the game, with Baker and Hayes providing commentary along the way.

“The Last of Us” is well known for its compelling story, and the intro to the game still stands out to this day. Learning more of the details from the shooting process is great, but watching North’s reaction is really spectacular. I haven’t gotten through this whole video yet, but I was surprised to find myself captivated for more than 25 minutes.

While I like video games, I’ve never quite gotten the allure of Twitch, at least not in any serious capacity. But watching North play (watching video of someone else playing a video game) was surprisingly compelling. It evoked in me a lot of nostalgia, and made me think of my expreience playing the game… and honestly, made me want to throw it in and play this game all over again.

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