Thanksgiving in Valparaiso

Headed over to Valparaiso today, for Thanksgiving. We had a leisurely morning at home, and trekked over around 1:00 PM.

Closer to 3:00 PM, folk started arriving and the kitchen soon began to be a hub of activity. Lots of people, lots of motion.

A quick shot, from my seat. Happened to catch Savannah off-guard with her glaring a bit, but she was smiling soon after. Note the high amount of plaid in the background.

Lots of good food.

And drink.

Post-dinner, we played a few rounds of Secret Hitler, which Katie had brought over. Last year, we played Ticket to Ride, and this year we brought over Azul.

We ended up only having enough time for one game, and did several rounds of Secret Hitler. The rules seemed to be complex at first, but after playing a round… we all got the hang of it, and the following rounds went a lot faster/smoother. Board games are starting to feel a bit like a tradition in the making, so hopefully we’ll continue this!

Thanksgiving in Valparaiso, 2019
Thanksgiving in Frankfort, 2015

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