Drywall Prep

I’ve been pretty slow this week. I’ve definitely had busier weeks, but my ability to do more work at the end of the day (after arriving home from work) has been really, really low. Tonight, I got home to find Liz had already suited up and had started to haul down things we need for some upcoming drywall work.

We pieced the drywall lift together, and then gave ourselves a self-tutorial on how to extend/retract it. Took a few attempts, but we eventually got the hang of it. We rolled it over into the living room, since we’ll be using it here first (it’s technically a bunny room for at least another few days, until work begins).

We set up the Bakers scaffold in the dining room. We’ll likely roll that into the living room once we begin work. Haven’t used this guy in some time. Will be interesting to use both of these in tandem for the ceiling work.

Installing Drywall on the Master Bedroom Ceiling
Clearing the Stairway Walls, Part 1

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