Living Room Ceiling Drywall, Part 2

I ended up working from home today, as I was feeling pretty under the weather. I had a runny nose the day before, and today I just felt off. Not sick to the point where I’m delirious with fever, but off enough to know that I shouldn’t be around other people.

Despite that – when Liz got home from work, we both suited up to do more work on the house. We’re trying to get a lot done before the holidays, and so we opted to make tonight a work night.

A tricker corner (two pieces needed).

Liz, tackling the measuring.

Glued up and ready to lift.

After a lot of fine-tuning, we were able to get this guy in place.

Cutting the final piece. This one took several tries, along with a custom notch at the end… but we got it in eventually.

We, unfortunately, argued a lot tonight as well. But Liz kept us (and me) on task, and navigated us through to get to being done.

Not a huge fan of working sick, but we want our first floor rooms – and so we’re trying to do what we can, in the time we have. We were in such a rush to be done, I forgot to take photos of the finished ceiling. Ah well, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Sick Day, Work Night

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