New Duct in the Living Room

Bob was over today, to set up a new duct in the living room. Here he is, doing some last-minute calculations.

Towards the end of the day, Liz and I set up the table saw outside to rip some plywood (to be installed as backerboard, for the eventual baseboard/trim).

It got late, but we caught the remaining light and were able to finish up.

Liz using the multitool to notch out an area for an outlet.

Bob had hurt his finger pretty badly, earlier in the week. He adapted a pair of gloves so he could keep working. Kind hard to see from this angle.

Bob is no stranger to in-the-field bandages and repairs.

First bit of backerboard installed. Eventually, a sheet of 3/8″ drywall will sit on top of this thing. And a second sheet of 1/2″ drywall will cover both the 3/8″ and the backerboard. The idea behind the backerboard is to ensure there’s always material to bite into, when installing the baseboard/trim. No need to hunt for studs, since there should always be something to dig into.

New duct, freshly installed.

Living Room Demo, Part 1
Living Room Demo, Part 2

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