Liz Solo Day

Liz had the day off today. And instead of taking a much-needed break, she suited up and spent the day working on the living room. We had some backer board left to rip and put up, along with a lot of drywall pieces arond the window frames.

And she did it all. Table saw, circular saw, multitool, staple gun, the works.

This was shortly after I arrived home, as Liz was walking me through all that she got done.

First layer of drywall all around the windows.

After I got home and suited up, we continued to work pretty late into the night. We had some repairs to do on the first two sheets of drywall we put up (they spanned over a stud, and needed to get trimmed/recut).

After pulling down and resizing those sheets, we also finished up the remainder of the north wall. All of this took a few hours, which added to the full day Liz and alreday put in. She’s a workhorse.

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