Travel Day to Detroit

Headed out after work today, to visit Liz’s dad and his family in Detroit. On the way, we had to find and stop at a Jo-Ann’s to get some much-needed supplies.

Google Maps led us to a Jo-Ann’s in a mall area, but the route we took ended up going to a very dark (and seemingly closed) entrance. The whole mall, in fact, looked not just closed – but haunted and closed.

Driving through the parking lot, it felt like we were in the opening 10 minutes of a horror movie.

Looking back at the Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, lit up in the midst of a closed mall. It was funny to imagine all these people who braved the haunted mall, just so they could get their craft on.

On arriving, we happened to catch some deer who were outside the dining room window. They were surprisingly comfortable being close to people, and a surprising sight to see.

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