Transporting the Super Chexx

As part of his Xmas gift, Kirt got Jackson a Super Chexx hockey game. I played one of these a decent amount as a kid, growing up in arcades. And it was fun to see one of these guys in person again, after all this time.

I was working remote today, but was able to help Kirt move this from its hiding place (in Mill Race Village) back to the house.

We were under the gun a bit, as we had to get this transported back to the house, and into the basement, before Jackson got home from school.

As we were within Mill Race Village, I entertained myself by imagining that Kirt and I were using the truck as part of a very old school caper/heist.

Getting both of these pieces in was a little tricky. Took a bit of maneuvering, but definitely easier with two sets of hands.

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