Early Christmas in Detroit

Mid-morning today, I was down in the basement with Kirt helping to set up the Super Chexx machine. For all the time I’ve spent playing this game, this was my first time actually touching the puck (pretty cool).

Never realized it was a magnet.

Forgot that both sides have a Boo button. How excellent is that?

Looking inside the machine, there was a counter (not sure what it counted though). Number is at 028912. Is this the total number of games? Total number of goals? Shots on goal? Total quarters used?

Fun instructions for how to program the machine. You can have it play either the US or Canadian national anthem, as an example.

The deer appear to be fearless, even during the day.

Going on a late afternoon walk with Jackson and Sandy.

Early Xmas dinner.

Christmas tree, post dinner and pre-gift opening.

Kirt and Jackson.

Liz, Isabelle, and Anne.

A small explosion of wrapping paper and boxes.

Isabelle, with her new Apple EarBuds.

Jackson, on opening a poster that featured a photo of the Super Chexx game in the basement.

Downstairs, we shifted into a kind of game night. While folks were playing hockey with Jackson, a few others began playing pool nearby.

Jackson, action shot.

Anne and Jackson, head to head.

This was a Star Wars kind of holiday. The night before, we all got treated to the new (and final) Star Wars movie. Earlier in the day, folks were watching the Mandalorian. Tonight, after our games, we got pulled into Rogue One and finished watching it upstairs. And then started into A New Home right after.

Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1
Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1
Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1 (2016)
Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1 (2018)

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