Hanging with the Family in Indy

Doing some last-minute shopping at Target. Found this box of Sharpies, which seems like just a terrible gift idea, especially for young children. A close second only to the gift of a drum set, I think.

This may be the modern day incarnation of “Magic Sand.” The more I looked, the more variations there seemed to be – with this sand marketed akin to play-dough almost.

But who, who in their right minds would market a chocolate-scented version of Kinetic Sand, that enabled you to make things that looked like an actual chocolate bar?

We couldn’t really come up with a good gift idea for my parents this year. With my dad getting some surgery on his eyes recently, his vision has drastically improved. So the idea of doing a VR thing came up – and we decided to turn it into a big, group outing.

I kept things a secret from everyone else (it was fun having the kids trying to guess what we’d be doing). But got some time on everyone’s schedule for us to meet at the house, and to travel to Blue Wall VR.

Jahnu and Jasmine, jumping right in to Fruit Ninja.

Stacey and Shane, trying out a game of dodgeball against each other.

My mom, checking out the undersea exploration.

My dad, also doing the undersea exploration.

Jahnu and Liz, trying out some more games.

Shane was really fearless with Richie’s Plank experience (he stepped off the plank on purpose). Jasmine was also pretty fearless with that as well (and did a good job of flying around putting out fires).

Blue Wall VR was really nice and accommodating, made sure to give us some extra time at the end for the time we spent filling out waivers, helped move a couch around so we could sit and watch people play.

I should also mention that when I called to change the time of our reservation, they were really cool with things. I learned we were the only folks they had booked for the day, and more or less were staying open just for us. Which was incredibly nice of them.

They’re located right near Castleton, and are definitely highly recommended.

Back home, we all putzed around for a long while into the evening… and ended up going to a nearby Ramen place for dinner.

We tried to take a group photo, and came up with a workaround to set a phone with a timer.

Happy holidays!

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