Christmas Day: Indianapolis and Valparaiso

With not much sleep from the night before, we all gathered in the living room to open up gifts.

Dad, Mom, and Stacey on the couch.

Jasmine posing with Leila.

A few of my gifts, including a board game version of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book – some serious nostalgia.

Jahnu and Jasmine, opening gifts (they each got wireless headphones).

A quick drive north in the afternoon finds us relocated in Valpo, at the end of Christmas day.

Liz and Julie, chatting with Audrey via Facetime.

I love how technology has progressed to the point where this is a normal, annual thing now. And while I’m happy for it, I do miss seeing them in person – and hope to share a Christmas with all the kids sometime soon.

A few holiday drinks, courtesy of Bob.

Bob got involved in the Facetime chat, asking Audrey some questions as she tried out the “lie detector machine” we got her as a gift. Apparently, it dings when you tell the truth but shocks you if you lie.

All of us, watching Audrey get shocked a bit.

Opening gifts in the living room.

I got a lot of fun stuff – including a lot of scotch! I got a bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black (which I had never heard of before), as well as a bottle of Bowmore (after the documentary Liz and I watched). Score!

We got a bottle of Oban for Bob, and after lining everything up on the counter… we had a small scotch tasting. Merry Christmas indeed.

Christmas Day in Indianapolis (2018)
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