Christmas Dinner in Valparaiso

Today and tomorrow are a bit weird, in that I’m staying out in Valparaiso, IN but commuting in to Chicago. I rode in with Bob early in the AM (he came in to work on our place while I was at work), but took the South Shore line back out to Valpo at the end of the day.

Weird for me to actually board the South Shore going East, as this was a part of Millennium Station that I had never walked to before.

The “quite car” was an interesting experience, in that the lights went out right before we departed. Given how silent the train was, there was a certain “ghost car” aspect to the ride.

I didn’t arrive until arond 6:30, with everyone else already arrived and preppinng for dinner.

Unfortunately, soon after dinner started, we were alerted by the kids that the toilet in the guest bathroom was overflowing. After Bob and Tim addressed the flooding, they ended up having to take out the entire toilet because they simply could not get it unclogged.

It was unclear what happened, but whatever caused this really, really plugged it up.

Opening gifts in the living room.

More gifts.

Katie, trying out one of Emma’s presents.

Serving up dessert.

Bob and Gavin, having a quiet moment together.

Thanksgiving in Valparaiso

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