Chicago to Costa Rica

Woke up super early (4:00 AM) so that we could catch a ride to O’Hare, along with Julie and Bob, for a vacation in Costa Rica. We got invited to stay with Liz’s Uncle David and Auth Beth, and to trade in our cold Chicago days for some warmer climes.

The flight wasn’t too bad (4 hours), but the cramped seating made things a bit uncomfortabe. Direct flight though, which was super nice.

The ride from the airport to Las Catalinas involved taking the “Monkey Trail,” which was quite the experience. The roads were a bit bumpy at parts, but apparently a lot of the road had not been paved, until very recently.

I don’t think I have the photos to do it justice, but at one point we drove through a small river to continue on the trail. After our long flight and an adventurous journey (that would become quite commonplace by the end of our stay), we got treated to a meal prepared by a chef and an incredible view of the sun setting.

On sitting down at the dinner table, looking over the ocean, it’s not hyperbole to say that I was rendered speechless for a few minutes. It was hard to process what I was seeing – the view was just unlike anything I had encountered before.

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