Las Catalinas, Day 3: Sensoria Rainforest Hike and Thermal Pools, Scotch Tasting

Despite a late night ringing in the new year watching fireworks on the beach, a group of us woke up early (6:00 AM) to drive about 2+ hours for a rainforest hike at Sensoria.

With a lot of winding roads on our travels (and my propensity for motion sickness), folks were really kind to let me sit shotgun for many of the car rides. The worst parts for me were riding in back during the night, when I couldn’t see all the upcoming sharp turns. 45 minutes of that made my stomach go for a loop.

Brandon, walking towards the main building.

Prepping for the trek. L to R it’s Liz, Julie, Lauren, Laura, and Brandon.

Single file into the woods.

At several points, our guides spotted things we would easily have missed. Here, a “zombie” moth that had been infected with a fugus finds its final resting place.

Iron in the water, turning the water brown.

A small stream feeding into a larger stream of water.

At several points, we would happen across these giant, giant trees.

Liz, taking a break.

For most of our walk, the path was outlined by these man-made steps. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time this must have taken.

Near the blue waterfalls.

A few paths leading to the waterfalls involved rope railings, and were steeper steps compared to the rest of the hike.

Impossibly blue waters.

Taking a small break. To my surprise, our guides broke out some fresh fruit for us to snack on, which was incredibly energizing and most welcome.

A bit further/later, at the second waterfall.

This one was definitely larger than the first.

Peeking around the corner.

Natalie, peering in.

Towards the end of the hike, we finished by visiting three different thermal pools. Each one was progressively warmer than the last.

Second thermal pool.

At the third, we all decided to go in for a swim.

On our way back to the main house, about 100 meters from where we began, we happened across this boa constrictor. Just ambling along across the path. A few moments after it entered the forest just beyond the path, I couldn’t even see it.

We had a great lunch afterwards (included with the hike). The potato chips were super soggy due to the humidity, but given that we were walking for 3+ hours, it was the most delicious thing in the world. I had a basic chicken wrap, and it was the tastiest thing in the world to me. Afterwards, we had a bit of coffee and chocolate.

Heading back home (the path to/from Sensoria was definitely off the beaten track).

Windmills in the distance.

Back home, in time for some drinks and the sunset.

Pictures do not do this view justice.

A lovely way to transition to the evening.

Last one, I promise.

For dinner, David cooked up some chicken on the grill.

Folks lounging by the pool.

Dinner prep in the kitchen.

A fantastic meal, after an incredibly long day. I was utterly exhausted earlier in the day (I conked out on the ride home), and drank two cups of coffee after we got back just to remain sleepy.

An incredible bonus: we got to see and sample a lot of the scotch that David and Beth acquired recently. So many different scotches I had never heard of, and things I hadn’t yet sampled. Liz and I had a blast trying things out.

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