Las Catalinas, Day 5: Rodeo in Tempate, Late Night Campfire

Tonight, we went really off road and our group made its way to Tempate. Surprisingly, it was really close to where we were staying (despite the roads really feeling like we were at a remote town). I’m guessing the roads we traveled were what the Monkey Trail used to be, a few years back.

Introducing the riders.

The special effects were a combination of gasoline and fireworks on the ground, but made for quite the entrance.

Tempate was really, to me, remote. While we weren’t the only Americans there, there were only three maybe four other gringos outside of our group. And very sure I was the only Asian person around. This was most definitely a local Tico event, and a more authentic glimpse of Costa Rica.

We got a few stares, but for the most part I felt like we were there enjoying the event like everyone else. Julie and Bob had been to a few of these before, and this was our first time experiencing a Costa Rican style rodeo.

Apparently, anyone from the crowd can go and stand in the field. I watched two Americans do so for a few rounds, and I’m not sure I really have the desire to tempt fate in that way.

Back home, a few of us stayed up and went down to the beach. Lauren and Laura started up a small campfire, and we were later joined by Brandon and Natalie. We had two bottles of wine with us, along with a small speaker for music.

We had some difficulty getting the fire started up (a lot of the kindling was wet), but it eventually got going.

In addition to seeing the sun set, I got to see the moon set a few times over the water. It was lovely to see the colors change, and was surprising to see how quickly it disappeared, once it got close to the horizon.

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