Las Catalinas, Day 6: Day Trip to Tamarindo, Birthday Cake and Sea Bass Dinner

During the day, we were in two different groups but eventually met up in Tamarindo. On our way to the Farmers Market there, we stopped off at Tamarindo Coffee Roasters for some coffee and beans (had a great Cortado).

Walking around to some shops in Tamarindo. I was mostly along for the ride, as the shops seemed more touristy to me. There were a few beach bars that looked like they might have been fun to pop into, but mostly we just walked around.

A note: Patagonia is located in Tamarindo, and I believe is the parent location of where we had dinner our first day.

Our groups combined, and we did a bit of grocery shopping for snacks, drinks, and meal ingredients. Happened to catch some Duff Beer in the wild.

The kitchen was always a lot of different vectors. Lauren and Laura worked on a birthday cake for Aunt Beth, I helped Liz with some of the veggies, and uncle David got a ton of sea bass prepped and cooked. The amount and quality of the sea food we’ve had access to so far has been pretty amazing.

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