Recuperation/Sickness Day

Liz slept in a lot today, given that we went to bed so late. I was able to get up around 8:00 AM, and was getting some blog images and posts done.

Around 11:30 AM, out of nowhere, my stomach started cramping. Sharp pains that came in waves. I was in the bathroom for a good while after that, and was in bed for the next few hours – dozing in and out of sleep.

Not sure what it was, but it was sudden. Liz went out to get breakfast for us, and food helped a little. But I mostly napped on and off throughout the afternoon.

Liz, shortly after breakfast, got a migraine. And she was also in bed with me – the two of us in and out of sleep until around 6:30 PM.

We also learned that our Honda got towed yesterday, apparently. Due to the fact that they were filming an episode of Chicago Fire right across the street from us.

I was able to talk to someone mid-afternoon (think I wandered out in my slippers and winter jacket), who was a security guy for the shoot. The cars had been towed, but they weren’t in an impound lot – they were just taken to a different location. We had to call 311 to figure out where. And wherever they were relocated was a legal spot, so we didn’t have to rush out and move the car or anything.

I think it was around 8:30 or so when Liz and I were both feeling closer to our normal selves. Today was always meant to be a recovery day, but neither of us were planning on stomach bugs or migraines. Still, nice to have a little bit of time before going to back to work tomorrow.

A quick dip in the pool with a cocktail in hand sounds pretty good, right about now.

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