Found Name

During some of her demo work, Liz happened across a piece of wood with a name written on it.

I’m actually not sure what to make of it. Kind of looks like Beeman or Breeman. Maybe Brennan? Liz had done some research into the history of our house (and its prior owners/occupants), but I don’t think she found any names similar to this.

Maybe you have better eyes than I do. Here’s a higher resolution version of the name. Open to any interpretations.

Office Demo and a Cache of Lost Items from Behind the Fireplace Mantel
Living Room Demo Prep, Continued

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  1. Okay I did some digging into my old files!! Irving Beman & wife Ida Ott had been the first owners of the property and may have commissioned our house to be built, but they never took ownership of it. This was approximately 1885, the year they were married.

    A family by the name of Emmons were the first family who actually lived in our house via census records.

    Liz Reply

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